All About Yourself (1996)
1. This Is Only the Beginning
2. Burning Memories
3. Victim's Eye View
4. In the Grey
5. The Cause of Our Fall
6. The Debris of Dreams
7. Familiar Feelings
8. The End of the Story Begins

A Kind of Consolation (EP 1999)
2.Educating Jesus
3.The Eyelid Movie Show
4.Land of the Living
Icons that Weep (2009)
1. Alternate Icon
2. A Life in a Day
3. Angel Incarnate
4. The Breaking
5. A Creature of Habit
6. Solitary Heart
7. Unholy Land
8. Heaven and I
9. The Few of Us

Il Suono della Luce (compilation 2015)
1. This Is Only The Beginning
2. Burning Memories
3. In The Grey
4. Victim’s Eye View
5. The Eyelid Movie Show
6. Educating Jesus
7. Takeshi’s Castle
8. Angel Incarnate
9. A Creature Of Habit
10. Solitary Heart
11. A life in A Day
12. The Few of Us

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The Burden of Paradise (2016)
1. In the Grand Scheme of Things
2. Voice of Outside
3. A St. Martin's Summer
4. Eternal Return
5. Transient Dream
6. Mare Ibrium
7. In Love and War
8. All for You

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Tracks on Compilations:  

‘Familiar Feelings’ (Empire Music compilation 1997)

‘The Cause of our Fall’ (Home Made Jams 1997)